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CBAK Group is passionate about offering the finest essential services, building beautiful spaces, and creating memorable experiences. We are a holding company based in Michigan which focuses on durable businesses that have a unique competitive advantage over the long-term future.
We take whole and partial positions in both private companies and publicly traded securities. We are interested in companies that offer sustainable business models in any economic environment with strong financials and solid management in place. 
When given the opportunity, we like to buy companies in their entirety; however, we do purchase portions of businesses in both the private markets and on the exchanges. 
CBAK Group, Inc. is solely focused on creating value for its shareholders, partners, employees, and clients. We pride ourselves on the work we do to better serve the community at large.
For owners looking to sell their business or a portion thereof, feel free to contact us to see if CBAK could be a potential home for the company you have worked so hard to create.

- Ryan P.Case

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